Chang-Yan Lu

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The present experiment was conducted to study the effects of vinasse application on physico-chemical properties of soil. Different treatments, viz., (i) spraying water at 105.0 t/ha (CK), (ii) conventional fertilization + spraying water at 105.0 t/ha (CF) and (iii) soil application of vinasse at 75.0 t/ha + spraying water at 30.0 t/ha, have been applied in(More)
Interest in sweet potato as a functional food is growing. A polysaccharide (SWP) was isolated from the sweet potato tuber and elucidation of its structure as composed of rhamnose, glucose, and galactose undertaken. To improve its activity, selenylation of this novel polysaccharide (Se-SWP) was undertaken by using microwave synthesis. In vitro evaluation(More)
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