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Despite recent advances in targeted treatments for multiple myeloma, optimal molecular therapeutic targets have yet to be identified. To functionally identify critical molecular targets, we conducted a genome-scale lethality study in multiple myeloma cells using siRNAs. We validated the top 160 lethal hits with four siRNAs per gene in three multiple myeloma(More)
We constructed a multiple myeloma (MM)-specific gene panel for targeted sequencing and investigated 72 untreated high-risk (del17p) MM patients. Mutations were identified in 78% of the patients. While the majority of studied genes were mutated at similar frequency to published literature, the prevalence of TP53 mutation was increased (28%) and no mutations(More)
Two helper-dependent (HD) adenoviral vectors encoding a canine factor VIII B-domain-deleted transgene (cFVIII) were constructed and evaluated in 4 hemophilia A dogs. One vector was regulated by the cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter (HD-CMV-cFVIII), while the other vector contained a tissue-restricted promoter comprised of the human FVIII proximal promoter with(More)
BACKGROUND The development of anti-factor VIII (FVIII) antibodies (inhibitors) is a critical concern when considering gene therapy as a potential treatment modality for hemophilia A. We used a hemophilia A mouse model bred on different genetic backgrounds to explore genetically controlled differences in the immune response to FVIII gene therapy. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Adenoviral-based methods of gene therapy have been ineffective at providing sustained factor (F)VIII expression in outbred populations of large animal hemophilic models primarily due to the immunogenicity of these vectors. Improvements have been made in vector design leading to the development of the helper-dependent adenoviral (HD) system.(More)
A new framework design is presented for resin-bonded, acid-etched, fixed partial dentures. This innovative design divided the restoration into two parts, each with a separate path of insertion. The preparation of abutment teeth required minimal reduction and the pontic could not be displaced during function. Thirty-five patients with missing posterior teeth(More)
The shear bond strength between enamel and composite resin placed with an unfilled resin layer was tested under several conditions: The unfilled resin layer was either blown thin or left unthinned, and pre-cured alone or cured with the composite resin. Shear testing showed that the bond to enamel was slightly enhanced for Pekalux and was significantly(More)
Scorpion envenomation causes severe upper abdominal pain associated with nausea and vomiting. Although scorpion venom (SV) stimulates pancreatic and gastric secretion in animal models, its effects on duodenal and biliary motility have not been reported. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of SV on sphincter of Oddi (SO), duodenal and gall(More)
BACKGROUND Acute pancreatitis can result in pancreatic ischaemia and necrosis. Pancreatic duct (PD) obstruction may be the first step causing ischaemia in acute pancreatitis. Nitric oxide donors can attenuate acute pancreatitis through improvement in compromised pancreatic perfusion (PP). In this study, we determined if (1) PD obstruction altered PP and (2)(More)
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