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A multi-channel image superimposition system is designed in this paper. It can superimpose white-light image on infrared thermal image to generate mixture image. The system is realized on a FPGA chip and is mainly composed of multi-channle DMA controller and image superimposition module. Multi-channel DMA controller can realize data exchange between image(More)
In multi agent fault diagnosis system,the final result is synthesized by some methods. Traditional method has disadvantage.So a new methods based on modified Borda count to synthesis fault diagnosis Conclusions is presented.The method considers the capacity of diagnosis agent and possibility of diagnosis conclusion when synthesizes final result.The(More)
In order to solve the weapon-target assignment (WTA) problem rapidly, several key operations in genetic algorithm are improved. A unique fire unit sorting-based population initialization method is addressed. With the niche share function and adaptive thinking, an improved niche-based adaptive genetic algorithm (NAGA) is designed and achieved. In the end,(More)
It is a development direction for combat vehicle to manufacture intelligent unmanned fire control system in the future. The concept and characteristics of intelligent fire control system of combat vehicle are proposed firstly in this text. And the development level of this system in the intelligent course of weapon is analyzed. Based on the development(More)
The test resource models based on Multi-agent have good reconfigurability and self-adaptability. The models based on Multi-Agent are usually devoloped by Multi-agent Systems Engineering(MaSE) methodology. The MaSE is studied in this paper, then the characteristics of a kind of type of test resource are analyzed, and its model based Multi-agent is built(More)
Switching characteristics of a typical power electronic switching device-insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) are studied in this paper. The simulation models of IGBT and real-time simulation algorithms are introduced in details. Solution program for IGBT real-time simulation system based on SOPC technology is proposed. The program implements real-time(More)
The current static weapon-target assignment (WTA) model is usually out of touch with the tank element tactics. In order to solve this problem, attack effectiveness set is established based on fuzzy. By judging on satisfaction of attack effectiveness, moderate firing principle for tank element is achieved. By re-coding solution space, using relation operator(More)
According to intelligence development requirement of combat vehicle fire control system, it is important to research the intelligent control architecture. The design principles of intelligent real-time hierarchical control architecture are put forward first, and then the architecture of the entire system and the architecture of each control layer are(More)
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