Chang Sug Park

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A microfluorometric method for phagocytosis study has been developed using fluorescein conjugated Escherichia coli K-12 particles. This technique is based on the uptake of fluorescent particles and quenching of extracellular fluorescence at the end of the assay. A murine macrophage cell line, J774, was used as a phagocyte model. The cells were harvested(More)
The effect of a 6-kDa thymic peptide (TP) on the oxidative burst of the murine macrophage cell line J774 was determined. TP was incubated with J774 cells at 37 degrees C and 5% CO2 for 18 h, oxidative burst was triggered by zymosan, and chemiluminescence was amplified by luminol and measured in an automated luminometer. TP exhibited a(More)
The augmentation of carbachol miotic activity attributable to enhanced transcorneal absorption, which results from the action of cationic adjuvants included in ophthalmic vehicles, suggested a study of carbachol-corneal tissue interaction as a further step toward understanding the phenomenon. The present study was performed in vivo using an innocuous(More)
The purpose of this paper was to project changes in climate change-induced risks over time and to investigate policy alternatives to mitigate the risks from increases in sea level, heavy rains, and heat waves in urban and rural areas. System dynamics simulation was used to build a model and conduct policy analysis for a simulation period over the years(More)
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