Chang-Su Lee

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Many new services have emerged to realize ubiquitous computing environments, owing to the increasing supply of mobile devices and more widespread Internet and wireless network facilities. We introduce the U-Campus (ubiquitous computing for campus) service. This study has been conducted through interdisciplinary research by four participating departments.(More)
Absolute position detector which not only perceives the absolute position of the rotary machine but also outputs switch data according to the given angle is one of the major equipment in the field of factory automation. Absolute position detector is composed of sensor module and its controller. In this paper, a sensor controller is implemented using FPGA(More)
Development of stereopsis technology that gives reality is an interesting research area for a long time. Stereopsis technology expresses actuality with effect of two eyes. Correct stereo matching depends on the exact estimation of image disparity that contains depth information. Wavelet transform can be applied to analyze signals in stereo vision, but(More)
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