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The notions of uni-soft semigroups, uni-soft left (right) ideals and uni-soft quasi ideals are introduced, and related properties are investigated. Characterizations of uni-soft semigroups, uni-soft left (right) ideals and uni-soft quasi ideals are discussed. A regular semigroup is characterized by the notion of a uni-soft quasi ideal.
SiZer is an exploratory graphical method for …nding structure in data. When the structure is a jump in the underlying curve, a " jump funnel " is created in the SiZer map. The shape of this funnel is analyzed. The result is the basis of a proposed variation of SiZer that is specially tuned to …nding jumps.
Transparent electrodes have been widely used in electronic devices such as solar cells, displays, and touch screens. Highly flexible transparent electrodes are especially desired for the development of next generation flexible electronic devices. Although indium tin oxide (ITO) is the most commonly used material for the fabrication of transparent(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) atomic layers have a strong potential to be used as 2D electronic sensor components. However, intrinsic synthesis challenges have made this task difficult. In addition, the detection mechanisms for gas molecules are not fully understood. Here, we report a high-performance gas sensor constructed using(More)
T T he seasonal circulation and thermohaline structure in the Japan/East Sea (JES) were studied numerically using the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) with horizontal resolution (1/12)° × (1/12)° and 23 sigma levels conforming to a relatively realistic bottom topography. A two-step initialization technique is used. During the first step (restoring run), POM is(More)
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