Chang-Soon Kim

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RFID systems have emerged as an affordable solution for identifying physical objects. However several problems still remain unresolved, especially avoidance of collision (anti-collision algorithm) when identifying multiple tags simultaneously. This paper presents an efficient anti-collision algorithm based on stochastic method. The algorithm we propose uses(More)
  • John C Travis, Joaquin Campos Acosta, Jean Bastie, Peter Blattner, Christopher J Chunnilall, Steven C Crosson +20 others
  • 2005
The transmittance minima of 18 absorption bands of a solution of 40 g/L holmium oxide in 10% ͑volume fraction͒ perchloric acid are certified as intrinsic traceable wavelength standards, by means of a multicenter measurement on material from a single source coupled with comparisons of a variety of preparations of the material evaluated on a single(More)
Context-awareness is one of the most important technologies for the ubiquitous computing. To embed such a technology into applications, first of all, a well-defined architectural framework is required to support applications to obtain necessary contexts. Several studies have been proposed, but most of them overlooked one fundamental feature that contexts(More)
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