Chang-Soo Kim

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A sensitive and selective method for the determination of 4'-ethyl-3-methyl-3-piperidinopropiophenone hydrochloride (eperisone hydrochloride) in human plasma was developed and validated. The procedure employed an internal standard and a solvent extraction step followed by chromatography on a Xterra C18 minibore column. Detection was by electrospray(More)
We report the first application of a five-parameter determination of grain boundary types to grain boundary engineered alpha-brass. The most important findings were that the distribution of planes showed a prevalence of <110> tilt boundaries, especially asymmetric tilt types, and the presence of <111> twist boundaries. This distribution resulted from the(More)
To identify factors that might affect capillary driving forces and interface structure-dependent mechanisms for coarsening, we have used a stereological analysis to determine the changes in the morphology of SrTiO3 crystals in contact with a titania-rich liquid at 15001C. A combination of flat and curved surfaces is observed in contact with the liquid. The(More)
Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) copolymers have been broadly used in controlled drug release applications. Because these polymers are biodegradable, they provide an attractive option for drug delivery vehicles. There are a variety of material, processing, and physiological factors that impact the degradation rates of PLGA polymers and concurrent drug(More)
An immunoglobulin (IgG) preparation with micro-amount of histamine fixed on the active protein fraction has been used to increase the resistance to allergic reactions. However, excessive histamine may cause hypo- or hypertension, headache, or anaphylactic shock and so the histamine content of the drug is strictly controlled by a regulation: 0.15 microg of(More)
Accurate predictions of benthic macrofaunal biodiversity greatly benefit the efficient planning and management of habitat restoration efforts in tidal flat habitats. Artificial neural network (ANN) prediction models for such biodiversity were developed and tested based on 13 biophysical variables, collected from 50 sites of tidal flats along the coast of(More)
A common method of controlling drug release has been to incorporate the drug into a polymer matrix, thereby creating a diffusion barrier that slows the rate of drug release. It has been demonstrated that the internal microstructure of these drug-polymer composites can significantly impact the drug release rate. However, the effect of processing conditions(More)
With the advent of nanotechnology, silver nanoparticles increasingly are being used in coatings, especially in medical device applications, to capitalize on their antimicrobial properties. The attractiveness of nanoparticulate silver systems is the expected increased antimicrobial efficacy relative to their bulk counterparts, which may be attributed to an(More)
The five parameter grain boundary character distribution quantifies the relative areas of different types of grain boundaries, distinguished by their lattice misorientation and grain boundary plane orientation. The viewpoint presented in this paper is that this distribution is a sensitive metric of polycrystalline structure that can be related to(More)
The geometric and crystallographic characteristics of interfaces in WC–Co composites with a range of grain sizes and carbide volume fractions have been comprehensively characterized. The carbide crystals are most frequently terminated by (0001) and ð10 10Þ surfaces. The average number of carbide vertices per grain and the basal-to-prismatic face area ratio(More)