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Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were patterned using inkjet printing. To make the uniform networks of dropped SWCNTs, the effects of substrate heating, surface hydrophilicity of the substrate and the jetting process were investigated. Circuit diagrams including holes, lines and curves were printed on glass and polymer substrates, and the conductive(More)
To fabricate an atomic force microscope tip with an attached carbon nanotube (CNT), we simulated dielectrophoresis, produced by a nonuniform electric field. We calculated the dielectrophoretic force and torque of CNTs dispersed in a fluid. We then investigated the effect of various parameters such as the initial conditions of the CNT, the distance between(More)
Zeolite 4A, synthetic silicate, has been shown to exhibit diverse biological activities such as anti-cancer and anti-oxidant activity. In the present study, we report that the zeolite 4A may improve skin-whitening. We found that zeolite 4A inhibited melanin production in a dose-dependent manner, which has not cytotoxicity. Zeolite 4A also inhibited(More)
We report successive and large-scale synthesis of InP/ZnS core/shell nanocrystal quantum dots (QDs) using a customized hybrid flow reactor, which is based on serial combination of a batch-type mixer and a flow-type furnace. InP cores and InP/ZnS core/shell QDs were successively synthesized in the hybrid reactor in a simple one-step process. In this reactor,(More)
Colloidal III-V semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots [NQDs] have attracted interest because they have reduced toxicity compared with II-VI compounds. However, the study and application of III-V semiconductor nanocrystals are limited by difficulties in their synthesis. In particular, it is difficult to control nucleation because the molecular bonds in(More)
The need for an intelligent transport system has been heightened in the present day, by the ever-growing demand to combine ease of transport with maximum efficacy. The Segway robot provides a platform which balances itself and transports the user in accordance to its natural lean. However in order to achieve a truly intelligent system, challenges(More)
We propose a highly efficient hybrid light-emitting device (LED) with a single active layer where CdSe/ZnS quantum dots (QDs) are dispersed as a guest material in a conjugated polymer (co-polymer) matrix used for a host material. In our structure, the QDs act on light-emitting chromophores by trapping the migrating excitons in the co-polymer matrix via(More)
Fabricating stretchable conductors through simple, cost-effective and scalable methods is a challenge. Here, we report on an approach used to develop nanowelded Ag nanowire/single-walled carbon nanotube (AgNW/SWCNT) hybrid films to be used as high-performance stretchable conductors. Plasmonic welding, which was done at the junctions of AgNWs in order to(More)