Chang-Soo Han

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To fabricate an atomic force microscope tip with an attached carbon nanotube (CNT), we simulated dielectrophoresis, produced by a nonuniform electric field. We calculated the dielectrophoretic force and torque of CNTs dispersed in a fluid. We then investigated the effect of various parameters such as the initial conditions of the CNT, the distance between(More)
Purpose Operators and drivers are easily exposed to danger by excavators is operating in dangerous places such as slopes, soft ground, building dismantling sites, distressed areas, and construction waste land-fills. For the safe use of conventional excavators as a tele-operated system without any renovation, feedback information of the boom, arm, and bucket(More)
Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were patterned using inkjet printing. To make the uniform networks of dropped SWCNTs, the effects of substrate heating, surface hydrophilicity of the substrate and the jetting process were investigated. Circuit diagrams including holes, lines and curves were printed on glass and polymer substrates, and the conductive(More)
Fabricating stretchable conductors through simple, cost-effective and scalable methods is a challenge. Here, we report on an approach used to develop nanowelded Ag nanowire/single-walled carbon nanotube (AgNW/SWCNT) hybrid films to be used as high-performance stretchable conductors. Plasmonic welding, which was done at the junctions of AgNWs in order to(More)
The long-term stability of quantum dot (QD)-based devices under harsh environmental conditions has been a critical bottleneck to be resolved for commercial use. Here, we demonstrate an extremely stable QD/alumina/polymer hybrid structure by combining internal atomic layer deposition (ALD) infilling with polymer encapsulation. ALD infilling and polymer(More)
Zeolite 4A, synthetic silicate, has been shown to exhibit diverse biological activities such as anti-cancer and anti-oxidant activity. In the present study, we report that the zeolite 4A may improve skin-whitening. We found that zeolite 4A inhibited melanin production in a dose-dependent manner, which has not cytotoxicity. Zeolite 4A also inhibited(More)
A zinc oxide nanowire (ZnO NW)-embedded Schottky diode was fabricated for UV detection. Two types of devices were prepared. The ZnO NW was positioned onto asymmetric metal electrodes (Al and Pt) for a Schottky device or symmetric metal electrodes (Al and Al) for an ohmic device, respectively. The Schottky device provided a rectifying current flow and was(More)