Chang Sig Choi

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BACKGROUND Multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) is a rare disorder that is characterized by abnormal adipose tissue growth mainly at the neck, abdominal wall, back, shoulder girdle, and arms. A suggested mechanism for accumulation of adipose tissue is a defect in the lipolytic pathway of fat cell. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical, morphologic, and(More)
Embolization is a well-recognized phenomenon in medicine and forensic pathology and generally involves formed blood elements, bone, air, amniotic fluid, or more exotic items such as bullets. We report the embolization of a chain-saw link. The case demonstrates how, without complete autopsy and investigation, a penetrating sharp-force injury could be(More)
The investigation of the deaths of an elderly couple found in a small hotel room that was tightly sealed and heated by an open flame gas heater is presented. Autopsy and toxicologic studies did not reveal a definitive cause of death. Subsequent research and an experiment to duplicate the conditions support the contention that the cause of death was hypoxia(More)
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