Chang Shuk KIM

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Here I summarize P5-WG (New/Alternative Physics Working Group) of LCWS2000@FNAL, held on Oct 24-28, 2000. There were 13 talks altogether, 7 talks on collider signals from new particles/interactions and 6 talks on extra dimensional physics. We had very active and hot discussions among participants for those new/alternative physics/ideas. In bottom table, I(More)
This research incorporates the development and adoption of an induced technology under uncertainty into a conceptual dynamic model to more broadly examine efficient policies for mitigating invasive species infestations. We find that under optimal policy, marginal costs of adopting conventional control measures are equal to the sum of the marginal benefits(More)
The ITER tritium storage and delivery system (SDS) is still in pre-conceptual phase. The major functions of ITER SDS are composed of tritium storage in a safe way, rapid fueling based on the plasma scenario and tritium inventory accountancy in a day schedule. The ITER SDS will be delivered to the ITER site as a set of glovebox modules which have every(More)
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