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OBJECTIVE Cytochrome (CYP) 4F2 isoform is a key metabolizing enzyme for the renal 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (20-HETE), which, as an endogenous vasoconstrictor, may influence properties of the peripheral muscular arteries and arterioles. We, therefore, investigated the CYP4F2 polymorphisms in relation to arterial wave reflections, as measured by(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the prevalence of microalbuminuria and its association with the metabolic syndrome and its components in a Chinese population. METHODS The study subjects were recruited from a newly established residential area in the suburb of Shanghai. We measured anthropometry, blood pressure (BP), fasting plasma glucose, and serum lipids,(More)
Few studies have described the age-related changes in both peripheral and central systolic blood pressures (SBPs) in populations. We addressed this issue in 1066 women and 978 men, all untreated (mean age, 45.1 years; 27.2% hypertensive) and randomly selected from a Chinese population, of whom 369 and 330 underwent a repeat examination after 3.6 years(More)
BACKGROUND In the present analysis, we investigated the association of serum uric acid with aortic stiffness and pressure as measured by carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (cf-PWV) and central systolic blood pressure (SBP), respectively. METHODS Our study was conducted in the framework of cardiovascular health examinations for the employees of a factory(More)
The predictive value of blood pressure (BP) for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality diminishes in the elderly, which may be confounded and compensated by the BP differences across the 4 limbs, markers of peripheral arterial disease. In a prospective elderly (≥60 years) Chinese study, we performed simultaneous 4-limb BP measurement using an oscillometric(More)
We studied the prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in an elderly Chinese population. The study subjects (age ≥60 years) were recruited from a suburban town of Shanghai from 2006 to 2008. We administered a standardized questionnaire to collect information on medical history, the use of medications and lifestyle. We measured blood(More)
BACKGROUND Permeability glycoprotein is encoded by the ATP-binding cassette B1 gene (ABCB1) and is an extruder of toxic metabolites in the kidney. A functional common polymorphism (C3435T, rs1045642) in the human ABCB1 gene has been found to be associated with allograft outcome in kidney transplant patients. In this study, we investigated the association of(More)
OBJECTIVE We reported previously that normotensive Chinese had higher nighttime diastolic blood pressure (BP) compared with non-Chinese. We, therefore, studied the prevalence and characteristics of isolated nocturnal hypertension and its association with arterial stiffness, an intermediate sign of target organ damage. METHODS We recorded ambulatory BP,(More)
BACKGROUND Data are limited with regard to the association of central blood pressure (BP) components with cardiac structure and function. METHODS Our study was conducted in the framework of cardiovascular health examinations for the current and retired employees of a factory and their family members. We measured central BP by SphygmoCor and cardiac(More)
BACKGROUND A new simple technique based on iontophoresis technology (EZSCAN, Impeto Medical, Paris, France) has recently been developed for the screening of diabetes. In the present study, we investigated the accuracy of this system for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in Chinese. METHODS We performed the EZSCAN test in diabetic and non-diabetic(More)