Chang Seung Ha

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Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma (NTAPP) is an ionized gas at room temperature and has potential as a new apoptosis-promoting cancer therapy that acts by generating reactive oxygen species (ROS). However, it is imperative to determine its selectivity and standardize the components and composition of NTAPP. Here, we designed an NTAPP-generating(More)
We investigated the effects of extremely low frequency time-varying magnetic fields (MFs) on human normal and cancer cells. Whereas a single exposure to a 60-Hz time-varying MF of 6mT for 30min showed no effect, repetitive exposure decreased cell viability. This decrease was accompanied by phosphorylation of γ-H2AX, a common DNA double-strand break (DSB)(More)
Positively charged lipophilic compounds, such as rhodamine 123, localize in mitochondria and are selectively accumulated and retained by carcinoma cells. It has been suggested that this phenotype may be exploited for selective killing of carcinoma cells by lipophilic cations. Here we report that doubly positively charged dequalinium, which has been used for(More)
Small ring-shaped miniparticles, found in the nucleus nucleolus and cytoplasm of a variety of normal and malignant cells, have been purified by a procedure involving differential and gradient centrifugation, hydroxylapatite chromatography and preparative electrophoresis. They are multisubunit proteins comprised of at least six polypeptide chains of Mr(More)
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