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We propose the camera system for user interaction through flight data measurement of the golf ball by using line-scan camera and high-speed cameras in the golf game. And then line-scan camera is checked the fly or no of the golf ball and flight status of the golf ball takes image by using the high-speed camera. Therefore, we can confirm the progressive(More)
—Nowadays interactive displays are capable of offering a great variety of interactions to users thanks to advancement of ubiquitous computing technologies. Although many methods of interactions have been researched, usability of the devices is still limited and they are offered only to a single user at a time. This paper proposes a spatial multi-interaction(More)
We propose FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) based on the multi-touch display system for playing the AR (Augmented Reality) card game. Existing card games request simple input in the form of a button to interact with a user and to show information that varies with the information or the position of the card. In order to overcome the limitation of(More)
In recent years, techniques have shown an increased interest in research and development related to stereoscopic imaging. However, unlike 2D image, stereoscopic image is generated by generally 3D geometric information. Therefore, the lack of 3D geometric information sometimes imposes restrictions or makes editing more tedious. In this work, we overcome some(More)
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