Chang-Ning Huang

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Lamellar nanocondensates in partial epitaxy with larger-sized multiply twinned particles (MTPs) or alternatively in the form of multiple-walled tubes (MWTs) having nothing to do with MTP were produced by the very energetic pulse laser ablation of Au target in vacuum under specified power density and pulses. Transmission electron microscopic observations(More)
Titanium oxide compounds TiO,Ti2O3, and TiO2 with a considerable extent of nonstoichiometry were fabricated by pulsed laser ablation in water and characterized by X-ray/electron diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy. The titanium oxides were found to occur as nanoparticle aggregates with a predominant 3+ charge(More)
Reddish Au condensates, predominant atom clusters and minor amount of multiply twinned particles and fcc nanoparticles with internal compressive stress, were produced by pulsed laser ablation on gold target in de-ionized water under a very high power density. Such condensates were self-assembled as lamellae and then nano-to micro-diameter tubes with(More)
for many useful discussions, and for comments on earlier versions of this paper. We would also like to thank Xiaoshan Fang, Jianfeng Li, Wenfeng Yang and Xiaodan Zhu for their help with evaluating our system. Abstract This paper presents a Chinese word segmen-tation system that uses improved source-channel models of Chinese sentence generation. Chinese(More)
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