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Two New Records of Lamprops Species(Cumacea, Lampropidae) from Korea
Two newly recorded species belonging to the genus Lamprops, family Lampropidae found in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) of Korea are reported: Lamprops carinatus Hart, 1930 and L. pseudosarsi Tsareva andExpand
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Two New Records of the Eocuma Species (Crustacea, Cumacea, Bodotriidae) from Korea
Two cumaceans species, Eocuma amakusense Gamô, 1967 and E. latum Calman, 1907, belonging to the family Bodotriidae are collected from the southern sea in Korea, and are redescribed. At the present,Expand
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Redescription of Bodotria ovalis(Cumacea: Bodotriidae) from Korea
A taxonomic study was carried out on the cumacean specimens collected from shallow coast of the Yellow Sea in Korea. As a result, Bodotria ovalis Gamo, 1965 is redescribed as new to Korean cumaceanExpand
A new species of the genus dimorphostylis (cumacea, diastylidae) from Korea
A new species, Dimorphostylis namhaedoensis (Cumacea, Diastylidae) is described on the basis of the specimens collected from southern shallow coast of Korean peninsula. The new species resembles fourExpand
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A New Record of Gynodiastylis platycarpus (Cumacea: Gynodiastylidae) from Korea
Gynodiastylis platycarpus Gamo is redescribed as a new record of Korean fauna and a key to the Korean species of the genus is provided. This species is characterized by a slender body, a smallExpand
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Two Species of the Genus Cumella (Cumacea, Nannastacidae) from Korea
Two species, Cumella rigida Gamo, 1963 and Cumella sadoensis Gamo, 1967, were based on the specimens collected from the shallow waters of the Yellow Sea and South Sea, Korea. They are newly recordedExpand
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A new species and new record of the genus Nannastacus (Crustacea: Cumacea: Nannastacidae) from Korea
The new species, Nannastacus leeae sp. nov. and the newly recorded species, Nannastacus spinulosus Gamo, 1962 are described and illustrated. This new species resembles Nannastacus inconstans Hale,Expand
Two new records of genus Campylaspis (Crustacea: Cumacea: Nannastacidae) from the Southern Sea, Korea
Two Campylaspis species, C. amblyoda Gamô, 1960 and C. reticulata Gamô, 1960, are redescribed as new to Korean cumacean fauna. Campylaspis amblyoda is characterized by having a carapace with five orExpand
Taxonomic Note on Nannastacus nyctagineus (Crustacea: Cumacea: Nannastacidae) from Korean Waters
Korean nannastacids have recorded only eight species belonging to genera Campylaspis and Cumella. In this paper, Nannastacus nyctagineus Gamȏ, 1962, is redescribed and illustrated as a new species ofExpand