Chang Ming Yu

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Photosynthetic membrane fragments were prepared from Anacystic nidulans by French pressure cell disruption. Ascorbate was required to stabilize photophosphorylation activity in membranes kept at near 0 degrees C. Divalent cations were required during mechanical disruption and during assays for Photosystem II activity, with Ca2+ serving best. The rate of(More)
This study was designed to examine the effects of the anastomotic angle on the flow and haemodynamic parameter distribution patterns of the proximal anastomoses, with emphasis on identifying site-specific haemodynamic features that could reasonably be expected to trigger the initiation and further development of anastomotic intimal hyperplasia. Particle(More)
While photosynthesis of soybean has been enhanced by breeding, it remains to be clarified whether the improvement of root function could bring a further increase of photosynthetic capacity for the development of soybean cultivars. The objective of this grafting experiment was to determine the influence of record-yield soybean cultivars, Liaodou14 (L14) and(More)
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