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SUMMARY Based on the work by Helleseth [1], for an odd prime p and an even integer n = 2m, the cross-correlation values between two decimated m-sequences by the decimation factors 2 and 4p n/2 − 2 are derived. Their cross-correlation function is at most 4-valued, that is, −1±p n/2 2 , −1+3p n/2 2 , −1+5p n/2 2. From this result, for p m 2 mod 3, a new(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, for an odd prime p and i = 0, 1, we investigate the cross-correlation between two decimated sequences, s(2t + i) and s(dt), where s(t) is a p-ary m-sequence of period p n − 1. Here we consider two cases of d, d = (p m +1) 2 2 with n = 2m, p m ≡ 1 (mod 4) and d = (p m +1) 2 p e +1 with n = 2m and odd m/e. The value distribution of the(More)
Let p be an odd prime and n = 2m with p<sup>m</sup> &#x2261; 1 (mod 4). In this paper, the cross-correlation distribution between two decimated sequences of a p-ary m-sequence, s(2t + i) with i &#x2208; {0, 1} and s(d't) with d' = 2d, d = (p<sup>m</sup>+1/2)<sup>2</sup> is determined.
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