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Web sites are being widely deployed commercially. As the widespread use and dependency on Web technology increases, so does the need to assess factors associated with Web site success. The objective is to explore these factors in the context of electronic commerce (EC). The research framework was derived from information systems and marketing literature.(More)
The mammalian clock regulates major aspects of energy metabolism, including glucose and lipid homeostasis and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism. The biochemical basis for coordinated control of the circadian clock and diverse metabolic pathways is not well understood. Here we show that PGC-1alpha (Ppargc1a), a transcriptional coactivator that regulates(More)
BACKGROUND The plant working group of the Consortium for the Barcode of Life recommended the two-locus combination of rbcL+matK as the plant barcode, yet the combination was shown to successfully discriminate among 907 samples from 550 species at the species level with a probability of 72%. The group admits that the two-locus barcode is far from perfect due(More)
Despite the recent economic downturn in the Internet and telecommunication sectors, electronic commerce (EC) will continue to grow and corporate Web sites will remain an important communication channel. However, legitimate concerns regarding privacy and trust remain potential obstacles to growth and important issues to both individuals and organizations.(More)
When a new bug report is received, developers usually need to reproduce the bug and perform code reviews to find the cause, a process that can be tedious and time consuming. A tool for ranking all the source files of a project with respect to how likely they are to contain the cause of the bug would enable developers to narrow down their search and(More)
We design and develop ObliVM, a programming framework for secure computation. ObliVM offers a domain specific language designed for compilation of programs into efficient oblivious representations suitable for secure computation. ObliVM offers a powerful, expressive programming language and user-friendly oblivious programming abstractions. We develop(More)
Animals approach stimuli that predict a pleasant outcome. After the paired presentation of an odour and a reward, Drosophila melanogaster can develop a conditioned approach towards that odour. Despite recent advances in understanding the neural circuits for associative memory and appetitive motivation, the cellular mechanisms for reward processing in the(More)
Multiple genetic pathways act in response to developmental cues and environmental signals to promote the floral transition, by regulating several floral pathway integrators. These include FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) and SUPPRESSOR OF OVEREXPRESSION OF CONSTANS 1 (SOC1). We show that the flowering repressor SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP) is controlled by the(More)
Data services via wireless networks and mobile devices have experienced rapid growth worldwide. We investigated the factors influencing adoption of wireless mobile data services (WMDS) in China and tested our model for explaining adoption intentions there. We argued that individuals form their intention to adopt WMDS under the influence of wireless mobile(More)