Chang-Ling Ma

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AIM To clarify the effects of the recombinant protein of Lysophospholipase from Clonorchis sinensis (CsLysoPLA) on the hepatic stellate cells (HSC) and oval cells of rat. METHODS Binding of the recombinant CslysoPLA protein to the membrane of HSC and oval cells was identified by immunofluorescent staining. The HSC and oval cells were cultured and treated(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of excretory/secretory antigens from Clonorchis sinensis (CsESAs) in hepatic fibrosis induced by C. sinensis infection in rats and explore the possible mechanism. METHODS CsESAs was collected from adult C. sinensis cultured in sterile condition for 12 h and injected intraperitoneally in Wistar rats. Masson staining was(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the transmission of human parasites in Qushui Village, Yangqing Town, Suixi County, Zhanjing City, Guangdong Province. METHODS The direct stool smear, floatation, Kato-Katz technique, and hookworm larva culture were used for the parasite infections. The questionnaire survey was applied for the hazards of parasites. The dissections(More)
OBJECTIVE To clone and express the Clonorchis sinensis F0-ATP synthase b chain (CsF0-ATP-synt_B) gene and analyze immunogenicity of the recombinant protein. METHODS The coding region F0-ATP synthase b chain gene with the mitochondrial targeting sequence (MTS) removed was amplified with PCR using the cloned plasmid as template, and the product was cloned(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the subcellular localization of ATP synthase b subunit from Clonorchis sinensis under different conditions of Hela cell cycling, and the effect of this protein on the expression of its encoding-gene and homologous host genes. METHODS pEGFP-N1-CsATP-synt_B and the vector pEGFP-N1 were transfected into Hela cells, respectively.(More)
OBJECTIVE To illustrate the distribution of ATP synthase b subunit in the tissue of Clonorchis sinensis adult and its subcellular mimical localization in HeLa cells. METHODS With the antiserum against recombinant CsATP-synt_B protein raised from SD rats as primary antibody, paraffin sections of the adult of C. sinensis were processed by the method of(More)
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