Chang Kyung Kim

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BACKGROUND To avoid a static double-eyelid fold characterized by nonmobile overdepression of the fold, we propose a new surgical approach of using septoaponeurosis junctional thickening (SAJT) to create a dynamic fold. METHODS Six hundred eighty patients underwent double-eyelid surgery using the SAJT fixation technique. The orbital septum was exposed and(More)
To examine how reaction forces and muscle activity change when transferring from a wheelchair to three different heights, six male able-bodied college students were tested. Analysis indicated that transferring to a lower seat position generated a greater vertical reaction force and required more muscle effort from triceps and posterior deltoid muscles.(More)
This study investigated the changes of force patterns of the heel strike and toe off phases at different heel heights during normal walking. Ten healthy female college students wore running shoes, flat leather shoes and high heeled shoes while walking on a Kistler force platform at their self-comfortable paces. It was found that the high heeled shoes and(More)
SUMMARY Performing secondary rhinoplasty in patients who underwent primary rhinoplasty using a silicone implant is difficult due to thinning of nasal skin and formation of a capsule. Excess capsule formation can cause capsular contracture, resulting in short nose deformity or implant deviation, migration, or implant demarcation. Revision rhinoplasty using a(More)
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