Chang-Ki Baek

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Improving the efficiency of solar cells through novel materials and devices is critical to realize the full potential of solar energy to meet the growing worldwide energy demands. We present here a highly efficient radial p-n junction silicon solar cell using an asymmetric nanowire structure with a shorter bottom core diameter than at the top. A maximum(More)
—We developed the 3D Monte Carlo simulation framework for the Reaction Diffusion model of NBTI. For the first time, we report that the RD model can predict the experimental features of NBTI stress/relaxation when the microscopic properties are considered in 3D space such as the capture cross-section, density and reaction energy of Si-H bonds. We expect that(More)
—The erase threshold-voltage (V T) distribution in Flash electrically erasable programmable read-only memory cells was investigated versus the tunnel oxide edge profiles in self-aligned shallow trench isolation (SA-STI) and self-aligned poly (SAP) cells. The capacitive coupling with offset voltage correction is transcribed into V T transient for simulating(More)
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