Chang-Keun Park

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Today, mobile devices are being used for various applications such as making voice/video calls, browsing Internet and so on. The operating time and battery consumption spent in those activities affect the battery life of mobile devices. In this paper, we propose a method for predicting the battery lifetime of mobile devices based on usage patterns. We(More)
Power Line Communication (PLC) is an evolving communication network technology using the existing power lines and enables to provide the automatic meter reading service, high-speed Internet service as well as home networking service. As the use of PLC network and their applications increase, we need to manage the resources of PLC networks efficiently. Major(More)
Power Line Communication (PLC) is an evolving technology which uses the existing power lines for data transmission. Like any other communication networks, PLC networks need to be managed for efficient use of resources and secure operations. Major PLC chipset and modem vendors are trying to provide network management solutions using SNMP by defining their(More)
Power line communication (PLC) is an evolving communication network technology using pre-installed power lines, which provides the electricity to the household or the building, in order to provide services such as Internet access, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and home networking. As PLC networks and their applications grow with the advances in PLC(More)
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