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BACKGROUND Tea is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages worldwide. However, the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, is difficult to culture in vitro, to transform, and has a large genome, rendering little genomic information available. Recent advances in large-scale RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) provide a fast, cost-effective, and reliable approach to(More)
C-repeat/dehydration-responsive element binding factors (CBFs) can induce the expression of a suite of cold-responsive genes to increase plant cold tolerance, and inducer of CBF expression 1 (ICE1) is a major activator for CBF. In the present study, we isolated the full-length cDNAs of ICE1 and CBF from Camellia sinensis, designated as CsICE1 and CsCBF1,(More)
Modern datacenter servers hosting popular Internet services face significant and multi-facet challenges in performance and power control. The user-perceived performance is the result of a complex interaction of complex workloads in a very complex underlying system. Highly dynamic and bursty workloads of Internet services fluctuate over multiple time scales,(More)
Tea is one of the most popular beverages across the world and is made exclusively from cultivars of Camellia sinensis. Many wild relatives of the genus Camellia that are closely related to C. sinensis are native to Southwest China. In this study, we first identified the distinct genetic divergence between C. sinensis and its wild relatives and provided a(More)
In this paper, the relations among T-invariants, repetitive vectors and siphons are investigated and new methods for computing repetitive vectors and siphons are suggested based on them. The transition-added net of a net is defined and a relation is shown that there always exists a T-invariant of the transition-added net corresponding to a repetitive vector(More)
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