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The recent Web technology has been developed by three mainsprings which include integration, virtualization, and socialization. The Web technology provides the increment of the social networking ability. However it deepens the exposure of privacy about personal information as more complicating and difficult problems. Representatively, it is impossible to(More)
Information security is a crucial technique for an organization to survive in these days. However, there is no integrated model to assess the security risk quantitatively and optimize its resources to protect organization information and assets effectively. In this paper, an integrated, quantitative risk analysis model is proposed including asset, threat(More)
OSGi service platform is the core platform of a gateway in the home network. One of the most important issues is security in the home network because the usage scope of the home network is related to a personal living space. However, the solutions related to the security are in their infancy, and if we apply the existing security techniques as they are,(More)
The OSGi provides a service platform which ensures the interoperability between heterogeneous technologies and various devices in home network environment. Nowadays, user access control is one of the core parts which should be cleared, but there are no concrete researches yet. So in this paper, we propose a supplemented authorization policy management(More)
User access control is one of the core parts in the developing Internet field. However, in home network service platform and Web service platform, there is no concrete research yet. Therefore, in this paper, we propose the supplemented authorization policy management framework based on RBAC model in the network environment, especially, OSGi service platform(More)