Chang-Jiu Chen

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Microcontrollers are widely used on simple systems; thus, how to keep them operating with high robustness and low power consumption are the two most important issues. It is widely known that asynchronous circuit is the best solution to address these two issues at the same time. However, it’s not very easy to realize asynchronous circuit and certainly very(More)
With the VLSI technology improving rapidly, SoC has been becoming the most important VLSI application. However, clock distribution and low power have already become the two most important issues in SoC design. In addition, it’s also a very important issue to integrate IPs that can perform operations correctly with different clocks. Asynchronous circuits may(More)
It is widely known that the Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) plays an important role in the address translation mechanism from virtual addresses to physical addresses. If any misses occur, the performance of the processor will seriously degrade. In order to reduce such misses, some methodologies are proposed. Some designs try to improve the associativity(More)
Address translations from virtual addresses to physical addresses are widely considered as one of the most important issue for memory system performance. In order to improve the performance, the Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) is used. Lots of different methodologies are proposed to reduce TLB misses. Most designs just simply try to increase the total(More)
In recent years, microcontrollers are largely used in varieties of different systems, especially on small embedded systems, small device controllers, and e-devices. Different from general systems, processors inside these systems may not need very powerful computing capability; however, reliability, robustness, low EMI, and low power are the most important(More)
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