Chang-Jie Yan

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Starch paste viscosity plays an important role in estimating the cooking, eating, and processing quality of rice. The inheritance of starch paste viscosity in glutinous rice remains undefined. In the present study, 118 glutinous rice accessions were collected, and the genotypes of 17 starch synthesis-related genes (SSRG) were analyzed by using 43(More)
Panicle erectness (PE) is one of the most important traits for high-yielding japonica cultivars. Although several cultivars with PE trait have been developed and released for commercial production in China, there is little information on the inheritance of PE traits in rice. In the present study, 69 widely cultivated japonica cultivars and a double haploid(More)
Leaves, the collective organ produced by the shoot apical meristem (SAM), are polarized along their adaxial–abaxial axis. In this study, we characterized two rice (Oryza sativa) allelic rolled-leaf mutants, rolled leaf 9-1 (rl9-1) and rl9-2, which display very similar phenotypes with completely adaxialized leaves and malformed spikelets. We cloned the RL9(More)
Appearance of rice grain represents a major character of rice quality in many rice-producing areas of the world, especially in hybrid rice production in China. In this study, we conducted a molecular marker-based genetic analysis of the traits that are determinants of the appearance quality of rice grains, including grain length, grain width and grain shape(More)
Higher yields of rice have always been a predominant goal in rice breeding techniques. However, the inheritances of rice yield and its components are still unknown, and no information regarding suitable alleles can be directly provided for improving the rice yield level until three major quantitative trait loci (QTLs) have been cloned and functionally(More)
To explore the genes differentiated between typical indica and japonica varieties, two typical indica/japonica varieties, Balilla (japonica) and Nantehao (NTH, indica), were selected to construct genetic populations based on the widely surveying for spikelet and pollen fertility of 90 indica/japonica F1 hybrids, which also were used as the wide(More)
Leaf plays important roles during plant development for their function of photosynthesis and transpiration. Leaf development includes initiation of leaf primordium and establishment of leaf polarity. Various studies indicate that leaf development is controlled through the interaction of transcription factors, small RNAs and auxin. This review focuses on(More)
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