Chang-Jian Cheng

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Urban rail transportation (URT) has long become the preferred public transportation choice for major metropolitan areas such as New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, and Beijing. The highest daily record for Beijing's URT reached 5.71 million passenger trips in 2010, which makes the network extremely crowded in rush hours. To accommodate the increasing(More)
A worker's energy level, mood, skill level can affect her/his working performance. These factors can be regarded as the “state” of the worker and they affect the production. Also, these factors are affected by the management. In this way, the management affects the production. One important task of managing a factory is keeping the production(More)
Considering both the engineering complexity and social complexity in the complex production system Parallel Management System (PMS) provides us a promising approach for comprehensive and predictive management for it, however, the system architecture of the PMS need to be further established. In this paper, the concept of Parallel Management Information(More)
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