Chang Hyun Sung

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In this paper, we propose an alternative motion planning method for a wearable robot with a variable stride length and walking speed. Trajectories are planned in a joint space rather than a workspace to avoid an ill-posed problem with no solution in inverse kinematics, and to consider the joint's range of motion, maximum velocity, foot clearance, and(More)
This paper presents an effective method for planning and optimizing robot motions in joint space using via-points. The via-point formulation allows for a sparse movement representation which is inherently smooth according to a minimum jerk criterion. In this research we focus on two aspects. First, we present an initialization method to find a feasible(More)
This paper describes planning of a whole body motion, such as kicking motion, for humanoid robots. Motion planning which is generally accompanied by various constraints is a key problem to achieve the task. In these constraints, the conditions for achieving the task are the most important component in the motion planning. In this research, we propose a(More)
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