Chang-Hua Lien

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The switching signal design for robust global exponential stability of switched nonlinear systems is investigated in this paper. LMI-based delay-dependent criteria are proposed to design the switching signal and guarantee the global exponential stability. Free weighting matrix and additional nonnegative inequality approaches are used in this paper to find(More)
The global exponential stability for a class of uncertain delayed neural networks (DNNs) of neutral type with mixed delays is investigated in this paper. Delay-dependent and delay-independent stability criteria are proposed to guarantee the robust stability and uniqueness of equilibrium point of DNNs via linear matrix inequality and Razumikhin-like(More)
In this paper, the robust observer-based control for a class of uncertain linear systems is considered. Exponential stabilizability for systems is studied and the convergence rate of system is given. Linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach is used to design the feedback control. The control and observer gains are given from the LMI formulations. A numerical(More)
The paper investigates the robust control for uncertain Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy systems with time-varying state and input delays. Delay-dependent stabilization criterion is proposed to guarantee the asymptotic stabilization of fuzzy systems with parametric uncertainties. The result of [Lee HJ, Park JB, Joo YH. Robust control for uncertain Takagi– Sugeno(More)
In this paper, the global exponential stability and global asymptotic stability for a class of interval delayed neural networks (IDNNs) with multiple time-varying delays are considered. Delay-dependent and delay-independent criteria are proposed to guarantee the robust stability of IDNNs via linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach. Some numerical examples(More)