Chang-Hua Hu

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0377-2217/$ see front matter 2010 Elsevier B.V. A doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2010.11.018 ⇑ Corresponding authors at: Salford Business School M5 4WT, UK. Tel.: +44 0161 2954124; fax: +44 0161 2 010 62794461; fax: +86 010 62786911 (D.-H. Zhou). E-mail addresses: (W. Wan (D.-H. Zhou). Remaining useful life (RUL) is the useful life left on an asset(More)
Estimation of the regularization parameter, which strikes a balance between the data fidelity and regularity, is essential for successfully solving ill-posed image restoration problems. Based on the classical total variation (TV) model and prevalent alternating direction method of multipliers, we hammer out a fast algorithm being able to simultaneously(More)
A belief rule base inference methodology using the evidential reasoning (RIMER) approach has been developed recently. A belief rule base (BRB), which can be treated as a more generalized expert system, extends traditional IF-THEN rules, but requires the assignment of some system parameters including rule weights, attribute weights, and belief degrees. These(More)
Lifetime estimation based on the measured health monitoring data has long been investigated and applied in reliability and operational management communities and practices, such as planning maintenance schedules, logistic supports, and production planning. It is known that measurement error (ME) is a source of uncertainty in the measured data considerably(More)
The minor component analysis (MCA) deals with the recovery of the eigenvector associated to the smallest eigenvalue of the autocorrelation matrix of the input dada, and it is a very important tool for signal processing and data analysis. This brief analyzes the convergence and stability of a class of self-stabilizing MCA algorithms via a deterministic(More)