Chang-Hoan Cho

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This study was designed to understand which factors influence consumer hesitation or delay in online product purchases. The study examined four groups of variables (i.e., consumer characteristics, contextual factors perceived uncertainty factors, and medium/channel innovation factors) that predict three types of online shopping hesitation (i.e., overall(More)
This paper explores various factors influencing the clicking of banner ads on the WWW. The study indicates that several important variables affect the clicking of banner ads: (1) level of product involvement, (2) congruency between the content of a vehicle and the product category of a banner ad, (3) attitude toward the vehicle, and (4) overall attitude(More)
The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of podcast ad placement and podcast ad type on consumers' perceived intrusiveness, perceived irritation, attitude toward the ad, and ad avoidance. Our 2 x 2 (traditional ad vs. sponsorship by beginning vs. middle) experimental study found that sponsorships generated better consumer responses than did(More)
To my parents, DukSoon Choi and MiOk Kim iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The successful completion of this study could not have been realized without the assistance of some important people. First of all, I am sincerely grateful to my chair, Dr. Michael Weigold, for his support and guidance in carrying out this thesis. I am also thankful to Dr. Chang-Hoan Cho and Dr.(More)
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