Chang Hee Han

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As customer switching is the major concern in the competitive Internet industry, many studies have sought to identify the determinants that cause customers to switch in order to build effective customer retention strategies. However, they were found to be insufficient for explaining the determinants and processes related to service switching. To fill this(More)
Currently, several ways for detecting heart disease are employed and ECG (Electrocardiogram) signal study is one of the typical solutions. The other method such as MCG (Magnetocardiogram) has been researched for heart disease detection. However, ECG and MCG have their own feeble points and also limitations in system performance according to the increase of(More)
The Internet enables businesses to acquire a great deal of reference information, including the price in the open markets, for estimating appropriate prices of the assets to sell off. In particular, what is the value of reference price information to a company in the market and how can the company make use of this information? Using a multiple regression(More)
This paper presents a method to estimate and analyze the economic value of weather forecasts for CRM decision-making problems in a leisure industry. Value is calculated in terms of customer's satisfaction returned from the user's decision under the specific payoff structure, which is represented by a customer's utility ratio model. The decision is(More)
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