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BACKGROUND Although there are accumulating data regarding the epidemiology of suicide in China, there are meager data on suicidal ideation and attempts among college students. Interestingly, elevated impulsivity is thought to facilitate the transition from suicidal thoughts to suicidal behavior. Therefore, the objective of this research was to identify the(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the feasibility and efficacy of cognitive training for older adults in rural settings and with low education levels, who have mild cognitive impairment (MCI). METHODS Forty-five older adults (ages >65 years) with MCI were assigned to treatment or control groups, at a 2:1 ratio. Cognitive training occurred in the treatment group(More)
Myostatin is a well-known negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. Inhibition of myostatin activity results in increased muscle mass. Myostatin propeptide, as a myostatin antagonist, could be applied to promote meat production in livestock such as pigs. In this study, we generated a transgenic mouse model expressing porcine myostatin propeptide under(More)
Vascular degeneration is a critical pathological process in many human degenerative diseases, which need efficient ways to revascularization. However, little is known about cellular and molecular mechanisms that are used during vascular degeneration and revascularization. Here, we show that Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 (TLR2/4) double deficiency suppressed(More)
Uveitis is a potentially sight-threatening disease characterized by repeated cycles of remission and recurrent inflammation. The JAK/STAT pathway regulates the differentiation of pathogenic Th1 and Th17 cells that mediate uveitis. A SOCS1 mimetic peptide (SOCS1-KIR) that inhibits JAK2/STAT1 pathways has recently been shown to suppress experimental(More)
PURPOSE Nerve growth factor (NGF) is a classic neuroprotective factor that contributes to angiogenesis under pathological conditions, which might be mediated by the upregulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Retinal Müller cells are a critical source of growth factors, including NGF and VEGF, and express the receptor for NGF, indicating the(More)
—The discrete cosine transform (DCT) based multi-carrier system is regarded as one of the complementary multicar-rier transmission techniques for 5th Generation (5G) applications in near future. By employing cosine basis as orthogonal functions for multiplexing each real-valued symbol with symbol period of T , it is able to reduce the minimum orthogonal(More)
PURPOSE Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common pathological manifestations in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD). When dry eye occurs in association with cGVHD, the local inflammation is secondary to the systemic onset of inflammation. Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) signaling is thought to be essential for the inflammatory response and(More)
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