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A novel polythiophene derivative, poly[3-(5-octyl-thienylene-vinyl)-thiophene] (POTVT) with conjugated thienylene vinyl side-chain, was synthesized, and the POTVT film shows a very broad absorption band-width covering from 300 nm to 700 nm after thermal annealing at 130 degrees C for 10 min.
Organic solar cells have become a promising energy conversion candidate because of their unique advantages. Novel fullerene derivatives, as a common acceptor, can increase power conversion efficiency (PCE) by increasing the open-circuit voltage. As a representative acceptor, Indene-C60 bisadduct (ICBA) can reach high efficiency with poly(3-hexylthiophene)(More)
MADS-box transcription factors are highly conserved in eukaryotic species and involved in a variety of biological processes. Little is known, however, regarding the function of MADS-box genes in Botrytis cinerea, a fungal pathogen with a wide host range. Here, the functional role of the B. cinerea MADS-box gene, Bcmads1, was characterized in relation to the(More)
It is necessary to improve the energy efficiency of batteries in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique has become an important means to ameliorate WSNs, and interference management is the core of improving energy efficiency. A promising approach is interference alignment (IA), which effectively reduces the(More)
LanC-like (LanCL) proteins are mammalian homologs of bacterial LanC enzymes, which catalyze the addition of the thiol of Cys to dehydrated Ser residues during the biosynthesis of lanthipeptides, a class of natural products formed by post-translational modification of precursor peptides. The functions of LanCL proteins are currently unclear. A recent(More)
The limitations of chemical fungicides for the control of postharvest diseases have recently become more apparent. The utilization of antagonistic microorganisms is a promising alternative to that of fungicides to control postharvest decay. In previous studies, the antagonistic yeast Cryptococcus laurentii has shown excellent effects of biocontrol and great(More)
In this contribution we propose and investigate the performance of Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) based VLC system using M-ary orthogonal modulation under Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) channel. Various types of spreading code sequences are considered, including the modified binary sequences previously used in wireless CDMA(More)
A novel process design for a more cost-effective, greener process for making chemicals from shale gas and bioethanol is presented. The oxidative coupling of methane and cocracking technologies are considered for converting methane and light natural gas liquids, into value-added chemicals. Overall, the process includes four process areas: gas treatment , gas(More)
Out of step with the rapid growth of China's electricity load demand, the infrastructure of power grid in many areas is not strong enough to insure the security of power system operation. In this case, considering the strict N-1 conditions of lines and transformers, the situation that there is no feasible solution for the security-constrained unit(More)
—The discrete cosine transform (DCT) based multi-carrier system is regarded as one of the complementary multicar-rier transmission techniques for 5th Generation (5G) applications in near future. By employing cosine basis as orthogonal functions for multiplexing each real-valued symbol with symbol period of T , it is able to reduce the minimum orthogonal(More)
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