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Computed tomography has proved to be the most effective mode of evaluating cerebral infarction in 143 documented cases. This was especially true when multiple focal infarcts were present. The incidence of contrast enhancement in acute infarcts was 88%. Concomitant acute and old infarcts were observed in 20% of cases. In the acute stage of stroke,(More)
Atomic scale etching of poly-Si, which can give atomic scale accuracy, was investigated in inductively coupled Ar and He plasmas. Atomic scale etching used a cyclic operation of gas adsorption and ion beam irradiation, which is the same concept as atomic layer etching of single crystal substrates. Cl<sub>2</sub> was used as etchant gas, and ions generated(More)
On the basis of myelographic findings, spinal adhesive arachnoiditis was classified into three types: type I (peripheral or marginal), type II (central), and type III (advanced). Depending on its location and extent, it may be divided into group A (lumbar), group B (thoracic), and group C (cervical). In view of the fact that intrathecal injection both of(More)
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