Chang-Gyu Woo

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Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are known to have widespread industrial applications; however, several reports indicated that these compounds may be associated with adverse effects in humans. In this study, multiwalled carbon nanotubes were administered to murine lungs intratracheally to determine whether acute and chronic pulmonary toxicity occurred. In particular,(More)
We investigated the ozone emission characteristics of ionizers differing in terms of the materials, edge numbers, and diameters of their high-voltage electrodes. Our goal was to determine the low ozone emission performance of a carbon brush ionizer that we developed in our previous research on a two-stage electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for cleaning indoor(More)
A novel two-stage ESP for IT manufacturing industries was developed that uses a mixing type carbon brush charger which is located outside of a main gas flow duct to achieve perfect separation from contact of polluted gases, and imposes additional electric field between upper and bottom plates of the charging stage to enhance collisions between ions and(More)
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