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Identification and analysis of phosphorylation status of proteins in dormant terminal buds of poplar
BackgroundAlthough there has been considerable progress made towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of bud dormancy, the roles of protein phosphorylation in the process of dormancy regulationExpand
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Smart glasses based intelligent trainer for factory new recruits
We propose an intelligent factory training system based on smart AR glasses, with the support of spatial cognition and positioning technology to achieve a simple and intuitive self-learningExpand
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[Selection of landscape metrics for urban forest based on simulated landscapes].
Based on the existing urban forest landscape of Shenyang, four landscape pattern gradients were simulated, and one existing landscape pattern gradient in accordance with the trend of these gradientsExpand
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[Simulation of three-dimensional green biomass of urban forests in Shenyang City and the factors affecting the biomass].
Based on the fractal theory of forest growth, stepwise regression was employed to pursue a convenient and efficient method of measuring the three-dimensional green biomass (TGB) of urban forests inExpand
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Impacts of forest restoration on soil erosion in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, China.
Vegetation recovery is a promising strategy to mitigate soil loss risk across different landscapes and human disturbance levels. Uncertainties still exist in the impacts of forest restoration on soilExpand
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[Selection of distance thresholds of urban forest landscape connectivity in Shenyang City].
By using the QuickBird remote sensing image interpretation data of urban forests in Shenyang City in 2006, and with the help of geographical information system, this paper analyzed the landscapeExpand
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A two-stage approach for predicting the remaining useful life of tools using bidirectional long short-term memory
Abstract It is common to deal with the imbalanced data set when predicting the remaining useful life (RUL) of tools. This paper adopts the oversampling method of adaptive synthetic sampling methodExpand
Contents Vol. 119, 2011
[Ecological benefit evaluation of urban forests in Shenyang City based on QuickBird image and CITYgreen model].
Based on the urban forest coverage data interpreted from QuickBird image (2006) and the CITYgreen model, the benefits of Shenyang urban forest types with different canopy closure in carbon fixationExpand
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