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Microstructured titanium (Ti) surfaces often suffer from poor hydrophilicity which makes the realization of open microfluidic devices difficult. Here, we investigate the effect of a superficial porous titania (TiO2) layer on the hydrophilicity of microstructured surfaces. High aspect ratio Ti micropillars were micromachined from bulk Ti sheets. Porous TiO2(More)
At present RFID indoor positioning data visualization methods are simple and the visual effect is not ideal. To solve this problem, a method is put forward, which can make RFID indoor localization algorithms implement in a geographic information system. By overlaying the CAD floor plan with the outdoor maps, every indoor space positioning result has a(More)
We conduct statistical inference on data collected from extreme-value distribution under a progressive Type-II censoring scheme in this paper. By converting the extreme-value model into a Wei bull model, the computation of the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) for model parameters can be greatly simplified. The bias, variance and covariance of the MLEs(More)