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Graphical and statistical time series techniques have been used to analyze the trends and specified time changes, in a 90-year record of annual average value of Seine river water quality data. The information obtained may be associated with some socio-economic variables, such as industrial or agricultural development, urban increase and wastewater discharge(More)
Brucellosis in mice results in a distinct immunosuppression which may be abrogated by immunomodulators, such as levamisole, bestatin, interleukin-2 (IL-2) and Polyporus umbellatus. The data presented here provide evidence that immunosuppression in addition to infection of target tissues and allergic reactions (including types 3 and 4) contributes to the(More)
The majority of French cities are supplied with treated surface water. The primary factor in determining the quality of this water concerns disinfection to ensure that the system is not contaminated with parasites, coliforms and streptococci; some of these organisms, especially coliforms, are capable of multiplying within the system. The presence of(More)
Estimation of vegetation water content is central to the understanding of water cycle processes. The information of vegetation water content presents the healthy condition of the plant. Various methods were used to extract vegetation water content in semiarid area, however, Spectral indices were still widely used. In this paper, a global sensitivity(More)
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