Chang-Chien Chou

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The technique of layered manufacturing in rapid prototyping is to fabricate product prototype by scanning the cross-sectional contours of the product using a laser beam layer by layer. The outlines of geometrical objects on each layer are different, and each layer may contain several geometrical objects. In order to simplify the problem, each geometrical(More)
This paper introduces the problem of computing the shortest Euclidean path touring n disjoint circles in 2D. The problem is a generalization of Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) in Euclidean 2D space and is not a purely combinatorial problem. Based on the author's previous work, this paper proposes an exact algorithm to solve the studied problem. The(More)
Layered manufacturing in rapid prototyping is to fabricate prototype by using a laser beam to trace the cross-sectional contours of a product layer by layer. Such cross-sections of geometrical objects differ by layers and generally have more than one continuous contour in each layer. In an attempt to facilitate an efficient approach for path planning, the(More)