Chang C. Hang

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This paper discusses the performance of the Smith Dead Time (SDT) controller for systems with appreciable dead time. Tuning, modeling accuracy, and the effects of parameter variations and measurement noise are all studied using a simulated second-order process with dead time. The corresponding performance of the conventional proportional plus integral (PI)(More)
In this paper, we propose an interactive system for reconstructing human facial expression. In the system, a nonlinear mass-spring model is employed to simulate twenty two facial muscles’ tensions during facial expressions, and then the elastic forces of these tensions are grouped into a vector which is used as the input for facial expression recognition.(More)
In this paper, adaptive tracking control is considered for a class of general nonlinear systems using multilayer neural networks (MNNs). Firstly, the existence of an ideal implicit feedback linearization control (IFLC) is established based on implicit function theory. Then, MNNs are introduced to reconstruct this ideal IFLC to approximately realize feedback(More)
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