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Biases in the codon usage and base compositions at three codon sites in different genes of A+T-rich Gram-negative bacterium Haemophillus influenzae and G+C-rich Gram-positive bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis have been examined to address the following questions: (1) whether the synonymous codon usage in organisms having highly skewed base compositions(More)
The present report proposes a new method for the chaos game representation (CGR) of different families of proteins. Using concatenated amino acid sequences of proteins belonging to a particular family and a 12-sided regular polygon, each vertex of which represents a group of amino acid residues leading to conservative substitutions, the method can generate(More)
Chaos Game Representation (CGR) can recognize patterns in the nucleotide sequences, obtained from databases, of a class of genes using the techniques of fractal structures and by considering DNA sequences as strings composed of four units, G, A, T and C. Such recognition of patterns relies only on visual identification and no mathematical characterization(More)
Intracellular development of choleraphage phi 149 following infection of Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio eltor cells under different conditions was examined by thin-section electron microscopy. Degradation of the host DNA following infection and formation of mature phage particles inside the infected cells were demonstrated. The concatemeric DNA intermediate(More)
From the analysis of the dynamic properties of various symmetric and asymmetric kinetic schemes, the present report demonstrates that all kinetic schemes, which can be hypothetically divided into two equal halves about an axis of mirror symmetry, are endowed with structural metastability under mass-closed conditions. In mass-closed symmetric schemes,(More)
—Intrusion detection system is a method of identifying unnecessary packets that may be creates some damage in the network; hence various Intrusion detection based methods are implemented to provide security in the network traffic flow. Here in this paper an efficient technique of identifying intrusions is implemented using the concept of hidden markov model(More)
The role of kinetic coupling in catering to a remote-control mechanism for the onset and regulation of self-organization phenomena in a multicompartmental biochemical system has been examined. Using two cyclic autocatalytic reaction networks operating in two chambers separated by a membrane and coupled through a common cofactor, it has been demonstrated(More)
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