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Loss of orbital content can cause functional impairment, disfigurement of the face, and psychological distress. Rehabilitation of an orbital defect is a complex task, and if reconstruction by plastic surgery is not possible or not desired by the patient, the defect can be rehabilitated by an orbital prosthesis. The prosthetic rehabilitation in such cases(More)
Conventional beading and boxing procedure is time consuming and involves application of heat that might distort green stick compound used for border molding. Earlier studies regarding beading and boxing methods have shown usage of various materials that were disposable and that cannot be recycled. To reduce the time consumed for beading and boxing procedure(More)
Hanau spring bow has been in use since 1986. Hanau spring bow is claimed to maintain self centering property when it is positioned in the patient as well as in the articulator. However there is no documented evidence to prove that feature. Mainly it was due to the absence of a testing device. Exclusively for the present study, the testing device consisting(More)
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