Chandrashekhar Tiwari

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1. The efficiency of utilisation of metabolisable energy (ME) for maintenance (k(m)) from diets containing maize and broken rice (BR) at 500 g/kg was studied in old White Leghorn (WL) and Rhode Island Red (RIR) laying hens using the respiration calorimetry technique. The maize-based diet contained 180.8 g crude protein (CP)/kg and 16.4 MJ gross energy(More)
Methane production in Muzaffarnagari sheep was studied using open circuit respiration calorimetry technique. Twelve rams were divided in three treatment groups of four each and were fed at about maintenance with diets having three roughage (oat hay) to concentrate ratio (R : C), i.e. 92 : 8 (group I), 50 : 50 (group II), 30 : 70 (group III). Concentrate(More)
According to Ayurveda various diseases are caused by sepratlon of natural urges (Vega-vidhran), as testified by Susruta who has described 13 types of udavarta rogas. Here an attempt is made to study thy effects of voluntary retention of urine on a series of patients suffering from stress disorders in terms of Neurohumoral, biochemical and physiological(More)
I. INTRODUCTION Image Authentication is used to evidence that image is really what the user deems it is. For example, during image watermarking of patient's diagnostic image may occur errors in diagnosis and treatment, which may direction to possible life-blusterous outcome. Thus, to take over the problem of happening of artefacts and to making zero(More)
This paper presents recent developments on two innovative types of crashworthy cargo restraints for high mass rotorcraft payloads: textile-based devices and flexible matrix composite devices. Each type of device employs energy dissipation mechanisms to arrest the motion of payloads and limit the maximum load transmitted to tie-down points, thereby(More)
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