Chandrakanth Emani

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Mycoparasitic fungi are proving to be rich sources of antifungal genes that can be utilized to genetically engineer important crops for resistance against fungal pathogens. We have transformed cotton and tobacco plants with a cDNA clone encoding a 42 kDa endochitinase from the mycoparasitic fungus, Trichoderma virens. Plants from 82 independently(More)
Transcription profiling analysis identified Saccharum hybrid DIRIGENT (SHDIR16) and Ο-METHYLTRANSFERASE (SHOMT), putative defense and fiber biosynthesis-related genes that are highly expressed in the stem of sugarcane, a major sucrose accumulator and biomass producer. Promoters (Pro) of these genes were isolated and fused to the β-glucuronidase (GUS)(More)
The CaMV 35S promoter is the most commonly used promoter for driving transgene expression in plants. Though it is presumed to be a constitutive promoter, some reports suggest that it is not expressed in all cell types. In addition, the information available on its expression profile in all possible cell and tissue types and during early stages of(More)
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