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Cu uptake in the diazotrophic cyanobacteriumNostoc calcicola Bréb. was accompanied by inhibitions in the in vivo activities of photosystem (PS) II, PS I,14CO2-fixation, and decline in the ATP pool. Cyanobacterial cells, while saturated for Cu uptake within 1 h at 40 μM Cu, showed more than 50% inhibition of PS II and 95.4% of14CO2 fixation compared with(More)
Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] is an important legume vegetable crop as well as pulse grown in India. It is warm season crop of humid tropics and sub tropical zones, well adapted to many areas of the country including North East India. It has manifold uses such as vegetable, pulse, green manuring and fodder crop (Singh et al., 2012). Cowpea leaves(More)
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