Chandra Thapa

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—A source coding problem over a noiseless broadcast channel where the source is preinformed about the contents of the cache of all receivers, is an index coding problem. Furthermore, if each message is requested by one receiver, then we call this the index coding problem with the unicast message setting. This problem can be represented by a directed graph.(More)
—We study the index coding problem in the unicast message setting, i.e., where each message is requested by one unique receiver. This problem can be modeled by a directed graph. We propose a new scheme called interlinked cycle cover, which exploits interlinked cycles in the directed graph, for designing index codes. This new scheme generalizes the existing(More)
We consider a graphical approach to index coding. While cycles have been shown to provide coding gain, only disjoint cycles and cliques (a specific type of overlapping cycles) have been exploited in existing literature. In this paper, we define a more general form of overlapping cycles, called the interlinked-cycle (IC) structure, that generalizes cycles(More)
—Consider a communication scenario over a noiseless channel where a sender is required to broadcast messages to multiple receivers, each having side information about some messages. In this scenario, the sender can leverage the receivers' side information during the encoding of messages in order to reduce the required transmissions. This type of encoding is(More)
1. Don't panic. Most snakes are not dangerous, and even those that are dangerously venomous often do not inject venom when they bite a person. 2. Don't risk further bites or delay appropriate treatment by attempting to search, capture or kill the snake. However, if the snake is already killed, it should be carried safely along with the patient to the(More)
Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any problems with the lectures or tutorials. Office hours will be posted outside of our offices giving the times when we are available. These are drop in times and no appointments are required. The tutor will lead the tutorials and help you understand the issues developed in the lectures, textbooks(More)
3 rd Generation Partnership Project Long Term Evolution (3GPP-LTE) is focusing towards aggressive frequency reuse i.e. reuse of 1 so that we can get maximum number (all available spectrum) within a cell. Now, the major hindrance is co-channel interference which increases dramatically due to nearby adjacent co-channel cell and most especially for cell edge(More)
CLASS AIMS Globalization of business is now a fact and no business entity could be argued to be operating in a purely local environment. In fact, the term local is gradually becoming outdated, arguably replaced by the term Global. This class is geared to achieve the objectives of honour's year by motivating the critical discussions and debates on the(More)
Do country-specific equity market characteristics explain variations in foreign equity portfolio allocation? We study this question using comprehensive foreign equity portfolio holdings data and different measures of country-specific equity market factors for 36 host countries. Employing panel and cross-sectional econometric estimations, our investigation(More)
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