Chandra Shekhar

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BACKGROUND Trauma is one of the leading causes of death and disability in Indian population. AIM To correlate various variables like epidemiology, clinical status, severity of TBI & associated co-morbid conditions and its outcome. SETTINGS AND DESIGN This study involved retrospective collection, prospective management and follow up of 796 cases of TBI(More)
We report the results of a comparative study on sub-space analysis methods for face recognition. In particular, we have studied four different subspace representations and their 'kernelized' versions if available. They include both unsupervised methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA), and supervised(More)
Weyl semimetals (WSMs) are topological quantum states wherein the electronic bands disperse linearly around pairs of nodes with fixed chirality, the Weyl points. In WSMs, nonorthogonal electric and magnetic fields induce an exotic phenomenon known as the chiral anomaly, resulting in an unconventional negative longitudinal magnetoresistance, the(More)
Design of automated video surveillance systems is one of the exigent missions in computer vision community because of their ability to automatically select frames of interest in incoming video streams based on motion detection. This research paper focuses on the real-time hardware implementation of a motion detection algorithm for such vision based(More)
Pressure is well known to significantly raise the superconducting transition temperature, Tc, in both iron pnictides and cuprate based superconductors. Little work has been done, however, on how pressure can affect the flux pinning and critical current density in the Fe-based superconductors. Here, we propose to use hydrostatic pressure to significantly(More)
Purpose: Cholinesterase inhibitors are the class of compounds which inhibit cholinesterase enzyme. These are used as drugs for symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The present study, evaluate anti-butyrylcholinestease property of ethanolic extract of Shorea robusta de oil cake (DOC). Method: Ellman's method was used to determine the(More)