Chandra Sekhar Rao

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Single surgeon studies from specialized centers have suggested that metal-on-metal hip resurfacing in patients with osteonecrosis of hip joint provides good implant survival and function. We tested the hypothesis that multicenter results of hip resurfacing, in terms of function and survival, are similar between patients with osteoarthritis and(More)
PURPOSE Numerous studies of circulating epithelial cells (CECs)have been described in cancer patients, and genetic abnormalities have been well documented. However, with one exception in colorectal cancer, there has been no report of matching the genetic abnormalities in the CECs with the primary tumor. The purpose of this investigation was to determine (a)(More)
–Harmonic pollution and low power factor in power systems caused by power converters have been of great concern. To overcome these problems several converter topologies using advanced semiconductor devices and control schemes have been proposed. This investigation is to identify a low cost, small size, efficient and reliable ac to dc converter to meet the(More)
  • Mustafa B. Abdulmelik, Turki K. Hassan, +19 authors Luis Carlos Giraldo
  • 2016
BLDC motors are mostly known to be driven by trapezoidal control due to its simple implementation, but this type of control results in pulsating torque ripple which is unwanted in high performance drives. In this paper, vector control is combined with a five-level inverter to minimize the torque ripple of BLDC motor in sensorless operation as well as(More)
Hypereutectic aluminum silicon alloys are mainly used in cast form in important components like pistons, cylinder liners, rocker arms, air conditioner compressors, brake drums, engine blocks, etc. These have inherent advantages of being high wear resistance, high strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, good cast performance, high thermal(More)
This paper proposes a new modular flexible power electronic transformer (FPET). The proposed FPET is flexible enough to meet future needs of power electronic centralized systems. The main feature of the FPET is the independent operation of modules each of which contains one port. Each port can be considered as input or output, because bidirectional power(More)
Now a days, renewable energy resources such as solar Photo Voltaic (PV) cells, fuel cells (FC) and wind turbines(WT) plays an important role in generating electricity nearer to local loads that are integrated to utility grid. For integration of distributed energy resource converters to utility grid, a synchronization i.e matching of frequency, phase,(More)
INTRODUCTION Infective endocarditis (IE) is a rare cause of septic arthritis. We report a patient who presented with multifocal septic arthritis as a result of IE, which is an extremely rare condition. CASE REPORT This 69-year-old gentleman presented to the emergency department (ED) with a 3-day history of acute right knee pain. Initial investigations(More)