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gamma IVa Crystallin, the ocular lens protein with the highest critical temperature (Tc) for phase separation, has been chemically modified with N-ethylmaleimide (NEM) at neutral pH. NEM, a polar but uncharged modifier reacts with the cysteine residues of the protein. A maximum of 80-85% of the thiol groups are modified and the phase separation temperature(More)
Micro-chipping via micro-cracks, due to rapid mechanical indentations by abrasive grits, is the fundamental mechanism of material removal during ultrasonic machining (USM) of hard-brittle materials like ceramics and glass. This study aims mainly to investigate the adverse effects of this inherent removal phenomena on the hole integrity such as entrance(More)
Antheraea frithi Moore, the source of wild tasar silk, is an indigenous wild silk moth of north-east India. The detailed life history, bionomics and rearing performance of A. frithi in relation to a newly reported food plant, Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) has been described in the present study. Life cycle of A. frithi has five larval instars. The first instar(More)
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